Our luxury yachts

If you want to see a variety of yachts, we spend a little visit on the quay of the Côte d'Azur. Luxury yachts are on parade, and the moment is just awesome. We are going to see a yacht broker, because we are losing in this mess.

Visit a yacht

A yacht is a luxury boat. It will be the size whose design depends on the ambition of its owner; a yacht can be discovered with an excessive madness. On average a yacht measures in about thirty meters for a width of about 12 m.

This yacht we visit is all aluminum, and it has a terrace facing the sea. On its main deck, there is a very luxurious lounge. And then the sofas of its interior are design with a home-cinema that is the delight of 12 people and 6 crews. It's 30,000 liters for 22 knots. It consists of a beautiful infrastructure for a marble staircase, and the glassworks that encloses the living room of the hallway. The cockpit is an arsenal to control this beast of 5,550 hp. This yacht has 10 cabins including a well-equipped suite, and then double cabins with extra bed. The bathroom is a rain shower for two people, with a jacuzzi inside.

A yacht for rent

There are private hire companies that has yachts for rent. You have a catalog available for the choice, and you can immediately contact the owner to see its availability. A yacht is rented for two hours with 600 euros, so you can take it off and do shooting for example. A rental for the evening with a hundred people on board, since the yacht will stay on the platform, and it will be 1500 euros with the welcome cocktail of the guests.

A day on this yacht will cost you around 2,500 euros for 8 hours of time with dinner on board. And for a weekly rental, it will be 22,000 euros for 6 days.